In simple language TTIP and SETA mean:

– The largest companies in the world: JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, Exxon Mobile, Shell, Toyota, Bank of America, Apple, Citigroup, BP, Chevron, Volkswagen, Walmart, BNP Paribas, Total, Allianz, Daimler, Microsoft, IBM, Nestle, Vodafone, Procter and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, AIG, Pfizer, Ford, BMW, Google, Siemens, Baesef, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems, Boeing, Roche, Pepsi, Oracle , ING, Walt Disney, Bayer, L’Oreal, McDonald’s, Carrefour, Nike, Kraftfuuds Monsanto and the like, they want unlimited access to your water, your health, your education, your money, your life;
– And they will do it through these agreements between America and Europe.

After signing just officially dropped all obstacles corporation to change the laws of a country. I shudder …
From there, to total control over every aspect of your life and not move.
Targets for destruction are all but large capital:
– Working people – used as consumers / users and kept on the edge of survival;
– Small and family businesses, which will disappear first in an avalanche of global business;
– Medium-sized companies – their order comes after small;
– Free scientific thought – scientists will become draft animals in the wagon of the corporate machine;
– Freedom of speech;
– Internet;
– Expression of dissatisfaction with any occasion;
– Free enterprise as a whole.

I ask in whose interest is this done? And – no conspiracy. It’s official.

Speed ​​sign and spread! Not a second to lose!
On Saturday across Europe and around the world go to the streets to stop the government from signing the end of humanity and the beginning of a new giant corporation called „Planet Earth.“

Nations against corporations:

SOFIA: Home 16:00., Muster – the monument of „Patriarch Euthymius.“ 16:30. Procession will leave Blvd. „Patriarch Euthymius“ the intersection of the street. „Georgi Rakovski“ and will continue right on the street. „Georgi Rakovski“ to the Representation of the European Commission, which will make short stay. Then continues along the streets. „Glee“ at the corner of ul. „Slavic talk“ in front of the MEE.

VARNA: Home 11:00. Entrance of the Sea Garden (in columns)

Plovdiv: Home 16:00. Buttons On (Square Stefan Stambolov)

BURGAS: Home 18:00. Municipality to str. „Alexandrovska“ № 26

SHUMEN: Home 11:00. Starting point – the monument of Todor Kolev. Endpoint – the theater plaza
https: //

DOBRICH: Home 10:00. Front of the church „Sv. George „

VIDIN: Home 16:00. Square „Bdintsi“

PAZARDZHIK: Home 18:00. Before „The Clock“/ Chasovnika/


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